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Really? THIS triggers fighting!

wednesdays with wayne Nov 01, 2023

Just in time for the holidays… Food for thought!


Have you ever considered what triggers you? 


I don’t live my life offended. I’m pretty sure you don’t either, and yet, everrrryyyy soooo often, something sneaks in. Something happens that we find ourselves defending what we believe in.


We stop thinking about the other person having a right to their opinion without having to fix it. 

Fighting happens when we believe that someone has broken integrity. 


More specifically (and let this sink in) that we somehow let our own integrity get broken by someone else.


We openly root for our favorite politicians and sports teams. When we do so, we believe others should join us. Yet what really happens is that we have opened the door for others to share their opinions with us.


Someone promises you something and breaks that promise.

It happens over and over again. And yet, you want to believe that people are good. Well, people are good and they sometimes have bad behavior. The outrage that washes over you is because you have strong beliefs about the way the world “should” be. And yet, not everyone plays by the same rules. 


Watch for drama in your world. Recognize that the real strength is not having to engage. If someone offers you the end of a rope, you don’t automatically have to play tug of war. You can actually drop the rope.


This is a metaphor for all areas of your life. Just because someone gives you a steaming bag of poo doesn’t mean that you have to be outraged to have received it. You’re choosing to hold onto it.


It’s all back to choice and perspective.

And YOU are in control of both. When you can’t see the choice, it means that your own perspective is blocked. And that requires deliberate action, the action of deliberately asking yourself what you might be missing about the situation, the other person, and even yourself.


We just had an amazing group of people gather in New York for my signature Exponential Success Summit. You know what?? They found greater confidence and opened to saying yes to bigger choices for themselves. Choice and perspective. Sometimes you need someone else to remind you that you have both available to you!


See you here next week. Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 
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