Quick Reframe

wednesdays with wayne Apr 15, 2020

Pushed, Pulled, and Inundated.  This is a super quick one for you.  It’s an exercise that’s easy to do and it’s better if you do it with pen and paper so you can see what you’ve written.  Since you’re on a tech-device reading this, you could open a place for notes. Jot your thoughts down. It’ll be important that you do.  

Simple and easy.  Ready?

In the past three weeks, what three things – just three – have bugged you the most?


In the past three weeks, what surprising things did you discover or rediscover that you’re actually appreciative of?  List five!

The truth is that it’s easy to see the good, even amid the noise out there.  Your job, my DynamicLeader friend, is to see it, acknowledge it, and amplify it.

I’ve grown a lot in this last month in ways I didn’t expect.  You have too, I’m sure. (And no, I don’t mean your waistline.)

This is the time for your habits of Powerful Presence to show up.  


Small shifts make a huge difference.  What are you appreciative of? Those five things?  Yeah, lean into those!

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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