Putting It All Together

wednesdays with wayne Nov 16, 2016

The past several posts have been concepts taken from my #1 Best Selling Book, The Significance Factor.

How you live your life matters.

What you believe about yourself, about others, about the way the world operates… that all matters too.  Because, ultimately, that shapes who you become in the world.

If you want your circumstances to change – to really improve – so you can be more you and ultimately experience more freedom, then you need to take steps to make that happen.  Sometimes they’re small steps.  Sometimes, they’re relatively big.  Really, it’s all relative.  What is a “big step” for you might come quite easily for someone else and vice-versa.

Start with your values.  

Do you know what they are, explicitly?

Look at how you gauge success.  

Are you still seeking the goals you thought you wanted a few years back?  Are they what you want right now or are you on the path of “supposed to” and continuing on out of some loyalty to other people or an old dream?

Then, balance your approach.  Fortify the skills you have that aren’t so great.  Draw on the strengths you have that are serving you.  Allow for places of “weakness” and get assistance.  It’s all good.  

Perspective matters, right?  I mean, the highest performers have coaches and advisors.  Where do you get outside guidance?  (For more ideas about this, check out www.DynamicLeader.com).

How do you connect to the world beyond the physical?  How connected are you?

And what are you doing for others at home, at work, in the community, in the world?  How greatly do you serve?  Is that a value and not an action?

Think about all of that.  If you haven’t picked it up yet, go get The Significance Factor.  Read through it and let me know what you think!  Really, I want to know what you’re getting out of it.  (I’m building a course to be released in the New Year.  Your input would really help make it more useful.)

AND… because you’ve gotten this far in your reading, I have something for you!  It’s pretty exciting – it’s a month of FREE book summaries from Read It For Me.  It’s premium access to a company that specializes in business book summaries, and it’s right here:  ReadItForMe has picked up The Significance Factor and done a great summarization of it.  In fact, you can get a 12-minute audio version of it… For FREE.  I became an affiliate with ReadItForMe.  It’s the company that the Zappos people use all the time.  In negotiating with them, they’re giving me the opportunity to give a month of summaries to you for free and they’re also giving a lifetime membership to a junior achievement student for everyone who signs on.

Cool stuff, eh?

Go back through this email.  Click on the links.  They’ll all help you on your journey.

I believe in you.

I believe in your ability to make a difference in the world.

To your Significance!

~ Dr Wayne Pernell ~


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