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Proving Your Worth

wednesdays with wayne May 04, 2022

I had a realization recently that was sparked by feeling really uncomfortable. I was almost defending what I had been doing for the past three and a half decades. While I’m always working on improving and I continuously learn and grow, I found myself defending my expertise.


It’s my area.

What happened that I felt like I needed to prove myself?


Old stories. It’s just that simple. A question got in that wedged doubt in and pushed the “not good enough” button. Old stories carried forward and the questions surfaced: “Do I actually know enough? Am I the right person to show up for this?”


So what’s The Truth?


The truth is that questioning worth is allowing the lie of an old story a lot of us carry forward. We’re good at what we do. We’re even experts when it comes to what we do. And when a small sliver gets in, just under the skin, it starts to fester. 


Clean that out fast.


Remember who you are.


Remember what you are.


Remember that you ARE enough. You ARE good enough. And no one can take that from you.


You no longer have to prove yourself to anyone. 

Any monologue that shows up inside where you’re questioning whether you can do it, whatever the “it” is, that needs to just be silenced.


Everyone goes through periods of questioning.

Simply become curious about the fact that those thoughts came up. Then, shut ‘em down. They’re from too long ago to matter now.


The world? It’s yours! 

Go get it!


See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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