Practice Like You Play

wednesdays with wayne Sep 25, 2019

In preparing a speech recently, I offered to share it with some family members, noting that I’d just run through it.  My son interrupted me, “Practice Like You Play.”  

When advice that you’ve given to others boomerangs back at you, it’s pretty significant.  

I wouldn’t hit a field, a sports court, or a dojo in a halfway state.  Even in practice, if I’m in, I’m in. And so the words resounded strongly with me.  

I have a habit of waking up “ready.”  I am ready to take on the day because I’ve prepared for each day the night before.  Some people make their lunches. Some people pick out or set out their outfits. And I have a habit of High Performance of reviewing my schedule, loving the calls I see I have (that’s a mindset shift of “get to” vs. “have to” and I really do LOVE the people I’ll be having calls with), and looking at places for 1) my “to-do” items, and 2) my empty or “white space” time.  

Doing that allows me to keep my head in the game and to continue to love what I do.

Sometimes practicing a new thing doesn’t feel great because the sense of competence diminishes the sense of confidence.  I didn’t have all the words down for my speech. I didn’t feel fully confident.  

AND… that’s where it’s important to show up.  Practice Like You Play!

Since that time, I’ve been putting my confident self back into it. And it’s coming out better each time.  This is MY material. I wrote it and I love it. And, it’s my gift to the audience.  

What a great reminder for us all in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  

Step in.  Go full out.  Draw back and rest up.  Get ready to step in fully again.

You’ve got this!

You’ve GOT this!!!

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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