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wednesdays with wayne Apr 22, 2020

What day is it?  At least with this in your inbox, you know it’s Wednesdays With Wayne day!  And what day is it of Stay At Home?  It feels like a LONG time, right? I have clients aching to get back to work to find purpose.  I have friends and family members who are in tears because they can’t do what they normally do.  

We’re inundated with moving target news and feeling like we have no control.  And, surprisingly, in the periods of relaxed calm, we are realizing something.

You’re finding out what works for you.  You’re setting the stage for the future.  How much can you actually do from a home base station?  It’s amazing, right?  

You might be noticing that what you valued, being on the go and struggling to get there and back, are actually vapor-like badges of honor that you needn’t wear again.  Personally, I was good at navigating the airports and being a road warrior. Now that I’m doing more TV segments from my studio that’s just down the hall from my bedroom, I’m happy to relinquish that road-warrior badge of honor.

My car is getting three weeks to the gallon and my sleep has reset to some kind of new normal that I’m not readily giving up.  


What are you noticing about your priorities?  What has shifted for you?  

Quick checklist:

  • Eating – yes, there are memes about people gaining weight because of access to the fridge.  I’m eating better by being at home. I’m choosing what comes home. My mind is in it and on it.  How about you?
  • Exercise – Are you moving?  You’re binge-watching TV, sure.  And are you taking time to get outside?  It’s an opportunity you wouldn’t have at the office.  What are you noticing about the movement you’re allowing your body?
  • Engagement – Some people are joking about burying family members in the back yard.  At our place, we retreat to separate areas of the house to work and convene for meals.  Getting together for three meals a day is really great. Connecting with colleagues and clients is happening online.  Family too.  


As a leader – and you are if you have any presence in the world, people are looking to you – Focus on two key things right now:


  • Priorities – what really matters to you personally?  What really matters to you professionally? Really.
  • Planning – the actions (not intentions, but the actions) that you are engaging in today are laying the foundation for creating your “new normal.”  Don’t drift. What do you want your new norm to be. As someone with Powerful Presence, you’ll want to step into a greater role of engagement with more vitality and influence.  That starts (or restarts) NOW.  


Powerful Presence doesn’t just fall on you.  It’s something you choose, grow into, and nurture.  Be deliberate. Be active. Be positive.

And… go!

~ Dr P ~


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