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Personal Freedom & A Bigger Life

wednesdays with wayne Jul 07, 2021

We in the U.S. just celebrated the 4th of July, our nationally recognized Independence Day. It’s not the day we actually got independence, in fact the last signature on the Declaration didn’t even happen until August 2nd.  And freedom? Well, there are a lot of things to be said about that.





Pretty much 100% of the people I talk with and the people who become my clients feel like they are bigger than the life they’re living. If you’ve felt that way, just know you’re not alone.


I’m bigger than my current life!


That’s the ache. 

What can you do? One of the key questions I used to teach in martial arts, and it carries over to business and to your daily life is: What’s available to me now…? And now?  And now? 


Recognizing that each moment is different, your freedom – your personal freedom – is based in your understanding that no matter how difficult the situation YOU have choice. You may not have ALL of the choices, yet you do have choice!


When you become aware of the choices you have and can make in the world, your menu of choices actually expands. Understanding that you have choice is the step that opens the door to seeking additional opportunities.


Not long ago we were all mandated to wear masks. I ended up with about a dozen of them. Some were fun, some were plain, some were branded with the DynamicLeader® logo. We all have to wear seatbelts. We were all told to wear masks. I choose what car to drive before I put on my seatbelt. I choose what mask to wear when I wear one.


Take this as a gentle nudge to be bigger, to play bigger, to show up bigger because of the choices you actually DO have in your life. What if you stopped waiting for permission and actually took that step?


What if you decided that YOU were in charge of your life?


Sure, we need other people. 

And people need guidance – that’s where coaching comes in because perspective counts. Look at the growth that those whom you admire are engaged in. There’s an abundant universe; dare to take a slice of growth for yourself.


Look at the choices and opportunities available to you.

There’s your personal freedom and the path to a bigger life.


Keep Making Your Magic!


= Wayne =


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