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Permission To Be More YOU

wednesdays with wayne Jun 20, 2018

People ask me where my topics come from for writing Wednesdays With Wayne every week.  They come from you!  When I get questions or see themes emerge in the private clients I work with, I’ve just GOT to make sure this hits your conscious thought process, too.  

“I guess I was just following the rules and didn’t give myself permission to do anything different.”

“I think I just needed permission to think that way.”

Okay!  Permission Granted!
In my first book, Choosing Your Power, chapter three is titled PERMISSION GRANTED.
So many women and quite a few men find themselves apologizing for taking space in the world.  Too often, the “shoulds” imposed by others become the cage that you live in.

Over and over again this past week, the issue of permission to live more fully came up.

So I’ll keep this brief –

→  What thing have you held back from fully exploring or even allowing yourself to think about because it’s just that bit “out there”

→  What would happen if you gave yourself permission to expand your thinking about that wacky thing?

→  → →  Even if it scares you to break the rules or be judged by others, putting all of that behind you, what one action step could you take toward that thing (is it music, baking, sky diving, or a relationship)?  

Get past the thoughts that have bound you.  DARE to dream bigger and more important, to act on those dreams.  The world needs you.
You don’t just have an invitation, you have an obligation.  Think about it: in all aspects of your life, your job is to become a fully expressed human.  Your reward is true joy and fulfillment.

Want some help walking through it?

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Keep making your magic™ and we’ll see you here next week.

~ Dr P ~


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