Passion! It creates...

wednesdays with wayne Oct 20, 2021

Do you LOVE what you do?


I do!  I absolutely love what I do. It’s an obsession to learn, synthesize my reading, give thought to it, and create something that’s uniquely my voice.


How might you share something of yours out in the world, with your family, or your work team?


Passion creates trust.

If it’s genuine, people know it. They tell me that all the time. It’s not some put on enthusiasm. People who work with me, especially recently, are commenting on my authenticity. What’s weird about writing about it is that I have to look objectively at my path. 


Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked really hard to let go of a lot of “supposed to” stuff. You’d think that an adult at my age (yes, I just had another birthday last week) might have it all together. And I think it’s finally safe to share that you can have it all together and still be in a state of growth so that you actually never have it all together.


That said, I’m pretty solid in myself.

And I’m solid in my growth.


Passion creates trust and engagement. 

I you aren’t loving what you do, why would anyone else? Think about that before you jump on a call with your next prospect or your next client. Can you help them? Do you love that? Let it show!


Passion creates trust, engagement, and loyalty.

People want to love what you love, but only if you are passionate about it. My clients know that I love them because I get to work with them. And I love this work so much, it’s an amazing connection I have with each of them. (Someone who listened to me talk about my work called it a love-fest and I see nothing wrong with that.) When you build an authentic relationship built on trust and engagement, what could be better?


No matter what you do, ask yourself whether you love it.

Then, take one of three paths:

  1. Show it even more!
  2. Learn to love it. Even the hard stuff. Learn to love it! (For example, a while ago I didn’t like gardening very much because it meant that I had to get dirty. And then, I found out that getting dirty and growing things can be fun. I’ve learned to love it!)
  3. Get out. If you’re not loving it and you can’t learn to love it, then a part of your soul is dying every day. Get out. Find your passion, follow that. Begin to fold that passion into your life more and more. You’ll learn that people want what you’re passionate about and that if you’re not, it’s why your sales are off. It’s why your relationships are off. It’s why you have that ache that you were a little afraid to name.


Passion creates passion.


Share it. Show it.


See you here next week.


= Wayne = 

There are ways I can help you get some great clarity about what you love and where you’re headed. From books to online courses to VIP Coaching, let me know if you’d like to get on a call and see what fits for you. Reply to this with the word “coach.”

You’ve got a whole lot more life to live. Let’s go!!!


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