On Pain and Support

wednesdays with wayne Jun 19, 2019

Surgery is a weird thing. It’s an imposition of trauma on the body in a controlled circumstance.

The resultant need for healing implies associated pain.


A martial arts injury from two and a half decades ago finally needed some attention.

I had a bone in my wrist removed and four corners of my other bones screwed together.

My brother pointed out that I’ve been in a “legal knife fight” by having a surgeon open my wrist.  And in healing, there is pain.

While appropriate meds have that managed, I believe that a lot of the healing came from the support I received.  With a couple hundred well-wishers and prayer warriors online and my wife giving selflessly, I can feel my body speeding to recovery.

As I write, it’s been just a few days since surgery and I’m off of meds (except for 400mg of ibuprofen).


How is this a Wednesdays With Wayne?

1) Sometimes you need to heal.  Take time for that.

2) Sometimes healing brings pain.  Make room for that.

3) Ask for - and accept - support.  It will come from great places and good people.

4) Share your gratitude - yes, I’m grateful for my body’s response; I’m grateful for the support I’ve received; and I’m grateful for you, being there as a reader along the way.


See you here next week.

Big hugs!

~ Dr P ~


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