Oh my! You've changed!

wednesdays with wayne Oct 27, 2021

You’ve changed, and it’s not just that cute Halloween costume you’re wearing. Nope, you’ve changed. There’s a question, though…


Do you like where you’re heading? Even though some of your predilections might be similar now to your past, what you like – essentially, what you value – has changed over time. And so the question of whether you like where you're heading demands something of you: being deliberate.


Since the seeds we plant now become the blooms/trees/fruit of tomorrow, you can consciously choose what your tomorrow looks like. Do you live in fear and doubt? What would happen if you lived your life feeling just that bit more certain? Are you someone who views the world (your world) from a place of lack? How might your life be different if you chose to simply live in a space of gratitude for the small stuff (it is Thanks-giving month, after all).


You’ve changed. And you’re supposed to!


The focus of today’s message is to encourage you to be deliberate about your next steps. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to make some random wishes that you call “resolutions.” 

  • Identify your desire and the outcome that goes with that desire
  • Think about the first step towards that
  • Act!  Take action on that first step


It’s just that simple. 


Decide, then do.


Whether this pertains to your lifestyle, your income, your company’s profits, your relationships, your health, or even that vacation you’ve been putting off, think about who you need to become to have the things you want.


What does it look like?

What’s the first step to get there?

  • Is it a phone call, a text message, some research, or shutting it all down? Do what it takes.


You’ve got it.

And I’m grateful you’re here.


= Wayne = 

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