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Obligated To Be Grateful

wednesdays with wayne Nov 22, 2017

As this post comes out we, in the U.S., are approaching Thanksgiving.  It’s a day that some simply call Turkey-Day knowing that we are bound to find ourselves overeating with relatives we seldom see.   The concept of gratitude feels lost in the shuffle of fallen soufflés and over-sugared yams, not to mention the shove toward pre-black-Friday sales.

Sit down.  Pretend you like the people you’re with. Say Grace.  Enjoy the cold green beans. And pass the famotidine while you whip out your credit card for the online sales.

What are we doing to ourselves?  

At this time of year we get so wrapped up in what we’re supposed to do for other people, we forget all of the positive things we’ve created in our lives.  It’s possible to get resentful of the tug that we feel: Bring this, buy that, make, go, travel, eat, drink, and give and give and give.  And don’t forget to smile about it.  Gahhhhhhh….  

For some of us, the holidays remind us of loss.  For others, they bring joy.  And for most no matter what else you might experience, it’s a time to get through.  

You GET TO change all of that.  Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to engage lovingly and to create joy for yourself.  In experiencing joy, you elevate others to do the same.  It’s not put on, it’s unveiled.  We need to elevate the energy at this time of year and that’s NOT done by over eating or over buying.  It’s done by slowing down just a bit, breathing, taking inventory, and smiling just a bit.  Here’s your 10% solution – slow everything down by just 10%.  That’s it.  Slow down your pace, your breathing, your chewing, your driving; slow everything by just 10%

Practice this… just practice this –

  1. Take a breath – inhale and hold it for a few seconds.  Keep your eyes open and look around the space you’re in.
  2. Just notice… don’t judge.  Is it messy, is it tidy, is it peaceful…?  It’s just that.  Not good or bad.
  3. Breathe out, repeating these words in your head:  “Thank you… thank you…  thank you…”  Your effort created what you’re seeing.  You got yourself to that place and in all likelihood as you’re reading this, you created the space as it is.  
  4. Do that again, because you missed something the first time.  Nod your head “yes” as you say “thank you” in your head.  
  5. And now, let yourself smile just a bit.  You’ve got this (it doesn’t have you).

You get to change what you don’t like.
You get to celebrate what you do like.

The thing is, whether you’ve seen some fine art, some bills, or some toilet paper (depending on where you’re reading this Wednesdays With Wayne or doing this exercise), there are things to appreciate.  

Before you head out to the next place where you’re supposed to be, slow it down, take inventory, and unveil some joy.  It’s in you.  You might have just forgotten that.

In this time of change –seasons, professional development, and personal growth – get intentional.  I’m going to be offering a free online training coming up.  Watch for updates on that!  Now is the time get deliberate about the things for which you truly ARE grateful and to be super intentional about your personal growth.

Happy Thanksgiving.  For you, reading this Wednesdays With Wayne post, I count you among my many blessings and I am truly grateful that you’re here!

Keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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