Now I Am Aware

wednesdays with wayne Aug 07, 2019

A dew-drop glistens on a leaf as the pomegranate tree sways in the breeze.  A squirrel stretches to reach the bird feeder for extra treats. The train whistles across the straight, miles from where I sit.  And my attention is drawn to all of it, simultaneously and sequentially. I can hear the clock ticking. I can hear the fish tank bubbling.  I feel the hard wood chair I sit on as the well-worn seat cushion is no longer supportive. My breathing is slow and, now that I pay attention to it, deliberate.

Now I Am Aware.

What might seem somewhat poetic is a space that we can each bring ourselves back to.  A simple mindfulness for NOW.  

This helps you with your leadership, your parenting, your partnership.  Sure. More than that, this helps you with you. Your current awareness puts everything, EVERYTHING, else in perspective.  

We humans have gotten to a place of URGENT that we seem to live in crisis wayyyy too often.  We need to fix that.

We need to put more time into planning some empty time, just for the sake of noticing what’s around us.

Do you know how long a minute is?  That sounds like an odd question and yet when you close your eyes, can you feel what a minute is without counting to 60?  

Your task, here it is mid-week for your Wednesdays With Wayne, the challenge I’ll give you is to take three one-minute segments out of your day.  Practice this right around 10am, around 2:30pm, and again just after 5pm.  Take one minute just three times each day. Close your eyes. Feel your weight supported in your chair.  Listen to your breathing. Notice what else comes to you.

Most people can’t track a minute.  It ends up being closer to just under 40 seconds.

You’ll be surprised at two things: First, how long a minute really is.  Second, how refreshed you feel after just one minute. Just… ONE… Minute.  

Give yourself the gift of productivity and effectiveness.  Give yourself the gift of stronger engagement with others. Give yourself the gift of positivity during the day.

Now I Am Aware… One minute, three times a day is a great start.

Let me know how you do!

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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