Negatively Leveraging Attachment

wednesdays with wayne Aug 23, 2023

Here’s a bit of psychology to think about today. It’s about how you treat others and really, how you treat yourself.


How often do we shame others into doing what we want by implying that our attachment to them will be damaged somehow? We learned it from our parents. We pass it on.


Be good and you’ll get some adulation and/or other reward.

Work hard and you’ll get some adulation and/or other reward.

Expect others to do as you want, and they’ll get your adulation and/or some other reward.


And if you’re not good, hard working, or do what you’re told… what happens?


You’ll be cut off, ostracized, and left out in the cold to die.


Ridiculous when you read it. And yet, your subconscious thinks that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


And the remedy is… awareness.

Awareness leads to choice, and choice leads to greater awareness. That’s an ever-expanding spiral.


When you become aware that you might be holding someone hostage emotionally or that you’ve been held hostage emotionally, you get to make choices.


Choose to act. Choose to act differently.


Some people choose not to. Why? 

Fear. It’s back to fear of ostracism. We’re struck with, “what if I make the other person mad?” Then, you’re not fully aware that you’re being held hostage emotionally. The truth is that by your behaving differently, you’ll upset the “order” of things. The other person will be mad. That anger is based on their no longer being in control of the situation or of you.


So who owns your life?

How can you feel freer?

And if you’re feeling pretty free as you read this, how can you step that up a level?



You own your life. Choose to uplevel it for even greater freedom.


See what’s below my signature line to do just that.


Keep making your magic and we’ll see you here next week.

 = Wayne =

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