Motivation and Appreciation

wednesdays with wayne Sep 07, 2022

You don’t have to believe in yourself all the time. You can borrow my belief in you.

I love that. We all need that to keep going sometimes because we run some pretty lonely miles in order to create our own personal successes.


What you do matters. Remember that.

And during the times that you question, “what’s it all for?” and “is it really worth it?” remember that what you do matters at every touch point to the final outcome. 


Give yourself the applause.


Ask for the parade if you want it.


Get grateful and give gratitude. 

Become grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Show gratitude when others are in their process, whether that’s your family members or work team-members. 


Do you get applause for just doing your job?

UNPOPULAR OPINION – While the current thinking is, “no, little snowflake, just do your flipping job,” the truth is that when you receive gratitude for the efforts you’re exerting, you’re motivated to do more.


The truth is, people do more of what they are praised for. 

“Don’t draw on the wall with those crayons.” Redirect to, “Wow, it’s great that you’re using the paper for your drawings.”


The real truth is, you will get more of what you focus on. 

In your life, when you focus on what’s going wrong, you’ll see more of what’s going wrong. On the other hand, if you step into a place of gratitude and live from that place, you will be living a life of greater and greater fulfillment.


Motivation of others and of yourself comes from gratitude-based acknowledgement and appreciation.


Live there!


Keep making your magic!


= Wayne =

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