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Mindset is More Than a PMA

wednesdays with wayne Sep 01, 2021

Here’s something you won’t hear very often, if ever. And you’ll be surprised to hear it from me.

Here it is – A Positive Mental Attitude won’t get you very far.


I know… I didn’t ever think I’d be typing those words for you to read.

There’s a myth out there that you might have encountered. It goes, “You can get whatever you want with a Positive Mental Attitude.” It’s sort of like everything that’s surrounding what you’ve heard about The Secret or the Law of Attraction. 


The reason it has become a myth is because it gets misinterpreted all the time. 


I hear it from people who are looking to level up: “I try to be positive.” 

The truth is, that’s hard during the best of times. And we’re not in the best of times. 


Wait, what? Did my Wednesdays With Wayne just become a downer?

Nope! I still wake up perky and smiling, even prior to being caffeinated!


Too often, people play with the idea of a positive mental attitude like trying on your grandparents’ trench coat when you were a kid. You had it on, but it didn’t fit. Why?


The foundational “bones” weren’t there. Here’s a Mindset check. You can be jolly and pretend to be happy and you might even have an emotional response to that pretense. 

Or… you can build your mindset, in the same way muscle and endurance are built physically. 




What mindset matters more than faith, more than a positive mental attitude, more that anything? Your foundational mindset must be one of seeking the truth. This is about to get heavy, so buckle up - - 


Until you’re willing to look at what’s beneath your ache to chase more and what you’re running from, you might as well be putting frosting on a Styrofoam form and calling it a cake. 


Can you “fake it till you make it?” You can fake it. You might make it.


Here’s the Mindset you need: The truth is that if I am caught up in fear, I’m missing the Truth. The truth is that if I’m worried about what other people think of me, I’m missing the Truth.

The truth is that if I’m anxious about… well, anything… I’m probably living in a lack mentality and, therefore, missing the Truth.


So where does that leave you? With your capable, loving, non-comparing, non-judgmental self. 


Ask yourself these Truth questions that require no positive mental attitude:

  1. Am I capable?
  2. Am I worthy?
  3. Am I lovable?
  4. Can I take an action step or two without having ALL of the answers?


The TRUTH to each of these questions is YES, of course.

It’s not fluff. It’s true. You wouldn’t be pondering the path you’re on, or want to be on, if you weren’t capable of taking that journey. You have nothing to prove to anyone else about your self worth or lovability. You’re here, those are your birthrights. (Hint, start recognizing those in others and watch what happens in your relationships.) 


Taking action is the only way you’ll get what you want. 

The Law of Attraction – all laws of success – are based on your taking action and not simply sitting idly by. Heck, even the lotto winners took the action of buying a ticket. You don’t need to have every single step planned all the way out before taking your first step. You have to know where you’re headed and be open to feedback and course correction.


And here, you’ll recognize that feedback isn’t personal. It’s neutral information. When you get there with your mindset, you’re playing in the land of The Truth. And once you’re there, the PMA that you thought you wore so well before will now fit wonderfully tailored to you.


Dream big and Keep Making Your Magic!


= Wayne = 

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