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Make NO Resolutions

wednesdays with wayne Jan 06, 2021

How being resolute moved from meaning “morally lax” in the 1400s to becoming “determined” or decided as absolute and final in the 1500s is kind of a mystery. Resolve comes from the Latin, “to untie.” 


Weird word origin, right?


I’m fascinated by that stuff. And I’m curious. Do people still make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t. I create goals and strategic plans, instead. And that happens long before the New Year.


While I see social media abuzz with “this year, I’ll…” I’m not certain those are resolutions at all.  


This is my year to __________.


Awesome! Do it.

Make it happen.




Sit back on the couch with some red licorice like substance and cheezy chips and wish it were true.


The thing about resolutions that people make is that very, very few people who make them are truly resolute (in the 1500s sense of the word). That is, most people who make resolutions are not, in fact, decided or feeling like the words they speak are absolute and final.


It’s better for your subconscious for you NOT to make resolutions than to train yourself that you can declare anything knowing that you’re lying to yourself.


Think about those projects you thought you’d get to but realized you just didn’t want to, and now you’ve got other things that are more important. Yeah, those. They’re undone because you declared to your subconscious that they weren’t important from the start.


Worse, you’ve trained your subconscious mind to find excuses and call them reasons.


From sales calls to painting the bathroom, there are a lot of “reasons” why things are undone.


If your loved one was stuck in a burning building, there wouldn’t be reasons or excuses for your next actions. There’d be urgency.


The truth about New Year’s resolutions is that they don’t matter to you enough to take action and then continue to take action even when it gets hard. 

Pro-Tip: If you really, really want to see something through, you’ll take action and you’ll have a plan for taking action when, not if, it gets hard. 


Don’t train your subconscious that you’ll give up because the excuses will come sooner than you thought.


Either make no resolutions this year or as part of the resolution, build in a plan for consistent action – your strategy plan – for when it gets hard to stay in it.


~ Dr P ~

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