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Maintaining Greatness

wednesdays with wayne May 16, 2018

You’re pretty darn good at what you do.  The people who read my blog are, and you’re here.  That means that you’ve gotten to a level of success, you’ve pushed, and you’ve made a difference.  

Welcome to Wednesdays With Wayne!  Here you’ll look at some key elements to keep you ahead of the game.  The biggest thing to remember:

You’ve come too far to only get this far!
There’s MORE for you!

And… it’s going to take a little more from you.

That means that you need to keep at it.  

Think about any master of their craft.  They never say, “Okay, I’m done. No more practice for me.”  Nope. Professional athletes are out on the field or the court running their drills.  Musicians run their scales. They have outside coaches that give them perspective. And they keep at it.

Complacency is your enemy.
When you get to a place that you feel like you’re good enough, you might be compelled to stop.  The thing is, if you stop there, someone who hasn’t stopped will step up, step in, and take over.

Are you really done?
No, I didn’t think so.  You might be tired, but you’re not done.

Maintaining Greatness takes work.
It takes an investment of your time and effort.  And, it takes commitment to follow-through. Your car gets a tune up.  Your garden the attention it needs. Your laundry gets done because it needs to be refreshed.  Every so often you buy a new computer or phone. Why? Because you want to keep up with technology that’s making advances.
And you know what, another sunrise comes because when that last day was done, there’s another to take on, step into, and shine through!

Maintaining Greatness means being deliberate about investing in yourself, your company, your team, and your family.  You’re good. What does it take for you to stay out there, better than good?  


  • Where do you want to head?
  • Whom do you need to become to really own it?
  • What coach do you have (or can you get) to give you a perspective you don’t have?
  • What program do you want to (or need to) invest in to shortcut your path to greatness?

Honestly, if you’re not sure about the answers to those, you’re going to be stopping at “It’s fine.  I’m good.” Being good isn’t the same as maintaining greatness. Take a couple of minutes right now. Go back to those four bullet-pointed questions.  Get answers.

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Thanks for joining me here this week.

Do the work to Maintain Your GREATNESS.

See you here next week.  Until then, Keep Making Your Magic™!

~ Dr P ~

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