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Love Letters – business or personal, love yourself first

wednesdays with wayne Feb 10, 2021

Yes, this is my tribute to Valentine’s Day. Another made-up holiday to get you to buy flowers and make dinner reservations. (Hint, if it’s not Valentine’s Day all year, you’re doing it wrong.)

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This love thing – When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

When you go to work, who are you?

When you’re out on a date, who is it about?


When you look in a mirror, what do you say?

If you saw someone who looked like you walking down the street, would you say those things out loud to that person? 


When you go to work, are you loving it? Are you happy to see your team mates? Are you excited about helping your customers? Does getting that report done make your day?


When you’re out on a date, are you worried about how you might come across or whether everything is okay?


Here’s the message today: It’s already okay! YOU are already okay! Don’t tell yourself something you wouldn’t tell someone else. Be the friend to yourself at home and at work  that you would be to someone who really needed you.



Then the world benefits when you show up.


Oh, it’s okay to be working on yourself. Just remember that this is the body that’s doing the work. So love it a little. And your mind, you’re telling it how serious you are. So love it a little too. Be consistent. 


Keep your focus.

Remember that it’s you doing the work.

Be intentional about getting a little better every single day.

Stay consistent.


You’ve got this!


~ Dr P ~

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