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Love and Hope

wednesdays with wayne Feb 12, 2020

The bride’s father gave a toast the theme of which was Love and Hope.  He’s a seasoned speaker, someone I admire very much, and it’s a delight that his treasured daughter married my son just a few days ago.

His message is one that we could all use more of:






David is a man who lives the #StartsWithOne movement.  He connects with people to lift them, deliberately, actively, positively.  And he lives the message of Love and Hope, spreading both wherever he can. He understands that greatness isn’t about calling attention to yourself, but rather, in lifting those around you.  

We’ve all seen people who struggle to be noticed.  “I did a good thing.” And “My contribution was important.”  Unfortunately, the people who live that way only push others away, not understanding that being great comes in the form of true service to others.

And again, my new buddy-in-law exudes the Spirit of service and brings Love and Hope wherever he goes.  

As a model of those ideals, he leaves me wondering where I can bring even more to those whose lives I touch.  And, his message needs only be passed to you as a challenge, as well. Right now, where can you be of more service?  

How can you step into becoming more deliberately, actively, positively uplifting?

And how can you be the model of both Love and Hope, inspiring others?

The world is in pain right now.  And yet, through it all, we have glimpses of light:  The light of love; the light of hope.

~ Dr P ~

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