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wednesdays with wayne Jul 22, 2020

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And now, this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne

You know those leadership development changes that you have been making over the past several months? Okay, some are larger than others, yet you have grown and evolved. You’ve done the “pivot” thing. Here’s how to lock them in, even during these odd times. 

You are  a leader at home where people are looking at you, in your workplace, where people are looking at you, or in the community where people are looking at you. You are a leader, no matter what role you're in. My hope is that you've been taking care of yourself and those around you, your family, your team, because you have a solid vision and your vision is based on your values. 


My hope is that you’ve discovered what values truly matter to you and that you’ve found a way to live into them daily. That means you’ve stepped into more alignment than you’ve probably had. And, oddly enough, that’s the gift that being shut-in has given us. 


We found alignment with the things we truly value.


Focus on five Cs right now – 

The first is Culture. You build your culture on your vision and your vision is founded in your values.


The next is about Catching ‘Em Doing Something Right – don’t focus so much on what’s going badly. Focus on (as I note in my first book, Choosing Your Power) your Envisioned Positive Outcome. It’s easy to find the places where things go wrong. It’s too easy. Any of us could walk into the most ornate cathedrals and as our eyes glanced across the mosaics or stained glass, we’d find the one tile that was missing. We’re designed to see what’s out of place and new research seems to support that we’re wired for the negative. That’s important news for someone seeking personal growth and development. You need to actively find the positive. And, once found, you need to actively call it out.


When you see something going right, call it out

Deliberately, Actively, Positively


The third C is about Celebration. This ties closely to the last point. Since you get more of what you focus on, be sure to celebrate your wins, especially when you can tie those wins directly back to your values-based Vision.


Be sure to Communicate – don’t expect your team, partner, or family members to be psychic. Your values have changed, so be sure to let them know who you are and what you value now. That’s the nature of life and relationships. We grow and change. People can’t support your values and vision if you tell them what matters now. 

Remember visiting “home” after you had left? A part of you reverted to who you were, while inside you were screaming that you’re different now. Guess what!!! You’re different now, even though you didn’t leave home, you’ve been growing and changing.  Let that be known. And, be sure to look for and encourage growth and personal expression in those around you. You know what that’s called? Communication!


Finally, the key to any kind of growth and change is in your Consistency. Don’t just show that you’re different all of a sudden or that you have expectations and expect that things will be great. Like flossing your teeth, it’s not one-and-done. To have healthy growth and to lock in sustainable change, you must be consistent in how you show up and engage in the world.


Cool, isn’t it!


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~ Dr P ~


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