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Living Happily Dissatisfied

wednesdays with wayne Oct 07, 2020

As you read this, pause for a second. You’re good, right? Your life is good, mostly? I mean if it stopped right now, look around at what you have, if your life stopped right now, you’d be okay. Wouldn’t you?


So many people I work with have such a shocked response to that. They swing from looking at all of the negatives and will talk about how life isn’t that good to talking about what is left undone. There’s so much that isn’t complete yet.


True, negatives are out there.

True, there’s a lot left undone. 


And if you could put your life on “pause” for a moment, just to take inventory, you’re okay, right? 


Those that want to push back have a point. Those that are able to pause for a moment, understand that it’s only a moment.


And this is the crux of living happily dissatisfied. 


If you paused your life right now, you’d have A LOT to be grateful for. A LOT. Yes, there are negatives and we’ll call those things the weeds. There are also a lot of positives for which you can be happy and grateful. We’ll call that the garden. 


You pull the weeds (or at least ignore them so that no sunshine or other nutrients can help them grow) while you focus on the fruits of the seeds you planted deliberately. Your life IS good.


So, what’s this dissatisfied thing?

Can you be happy AND dissatisfied?


Yep! Because you can enjoy where you are AND ache for more. You can appreciate what you have while you’re moving toward what you want.


When you stop, you stagnate. Life is about expansion, so when you stop growing, feeding your mind/body/soul, you slide towards death.


People look at what I’ve done and what I’m doing. They look at the path I’m on and the birthday I’ve just had, and they wonder why I’m not slowing down. Don’t I want to retire? I don’t know what that even means. I’m working on my sixth book (and the audio versions of the first ones out there), I’m about to do a TEDx Talk (10am eastern time this Saturday – Look up TEDxFarmingdale for a free link to the live-stream), and I’m headed to even bigger stages.  TRULY, I LOVE MY LIFE AND I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE. 


Does that resonate with you? Do you have something in you that you ache to get out? 

Next week I’m running a super-small retreat with a few select individuals. I can’t wait. I’m excited because these people have done my 1:1 intensive work, they get that going deeper takes work and reflection, and that perspective counts.


It was Emerson who said that “The mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.” Getting an outside perspective helps that growth happen. You stand firmly in the knowledge that you’re doing okay AND that there’s SO MUCH MORE.


When you live your life happily dissatisfied, you’re living in gratitude ALL the time. I know… it sounds like it would be the opposite, being ungrateful and looking for something else. The truth is that when you live happily dissatisfied, you become super grateful for what you have because you know that’s the foundation for more.  


Where you were is what got you here.

Where you are is what’s getting you to your next.

The trick now is to gain greater clarity. Even if you have clarity, get super clear on your next big next. Be grateful for what you have. Live in the now. And take steps to your next amazing success.


That’s the art of living happily dissatisfied.


And if you know that you’ve got more in you and want a proven path to get you launched further than you ever thought possible, reach out to me. Life is really exciting when you decide it is and get the right mentor for the perspective you can’t yet see.


It’s there.

It’s time!

Let’s go!


~ Dr P ~


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