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wednesdays with wayne Oct 12, 2016

It gets better!  It really does.  You don’t need to ever feel condemned to the sense that this is a series of moments to simply endure.  In fact, what you bring to every moment is the key to what the next moment holds.  

In The Significance Factor, the very first chapter delves into the beginning steps for what it takes to set out on a journey of transforming your life to make it truly matter.   Here, you look at what you truly value and what you bring to any situation.  

Only by staying in congruence with your own true values can you make a difference to anyone else.  If you placate, give in, go along to get along, or engage in activities that you wouldn’t want to have done to you, then your congruence is lost and you end up living a life out of balance.

Whether at home or at the office, whether on the soccer field as a participant or as a parent in the stands, whether at the grocery store or in a restaurant, you know what you truly value.   The real question is whether you’re exhibiting it in a way that others can see the real you.

Leaders who demonstrate authenticity, a genuineness, and even a vulnerability, have greater trust put into them.  Leaders who don’t know how to be “real” with others tend to posture and lead from a position of authority (positional power) rather than by engaging those whom they lead.  Those who follow must do so because not only is the message valuable, but the messenger (that’s you) is trustworthy.

You might think that you “should” be trustworthy just because you’re in the position of parent, vice-president, or other leader role.  The reality is that your credibility hangs on your congruence between belief, rationalizing thought, and action.

The first step to becoming a person who lives a life of significance is to engage in a process by which you gain greater clarity.  Page 9 of The Significance Factor states, “When you understand what you truly value, you then have certainty about where to put your focus and energy every single day.”  Perhaps that should read, “…every moment of every single day.”

Leaders, real leaders know the power of awakening with absolute certainty about who they are and how to filter what’s “in” from what’s “out” – what builds vs. distracts – and they can quantify it.

Can you?  Can you quantify on a scale of 1 – 10 how you have been living into your core values and beliefs today?

You can gain greater clarity by getting a coach who can offer you a perspective that you don’t have.  You can gain greater understanding by diving in deeper through the full process outlined in The Significance Factor.

For now, see what you can put onto paper as your top three values.  What core principles will you aspire to live into more deeply today?

Be those more fully and watch what happens to your relationships at home, at work, and in the world.

To your significance!


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