wednesdays with wayne Jun 09, 2021

We’re all leaders! People notice you. The truth is, you are being watched. No, it’s not some paranoid thing, it’s the same way you’ll notice something about someone in the grocery store, at a restaurant, or even with family members, they’re noticing subtle things about you, too. 

And that means, you’re a leader - at home, at work, in the community. 


You’re a leader. 


I won’t go into the “x-number of traits of good leaders.” Heck, I’m guilty of having put together a dirty-dozen list in the past. While there are volumes out there, literally tons of books and articles on the subject of leadership traits, each is, in my opinion, simply opinion. 


No matter how many other traits there are, the best trait of a leader is someone who knows what he/she/they value and can live into that authentically.


And there are five steps to grow into that level of powerful authenticity. This path is what I call LeadershipMagic! 


Being an authentic leader, having foresight, and continuing to grow is an active, ongoing process. The first step in your growth really is founded in how you think. It’s important to expand your MINDSET. Your mindset matters in how you live your life and show up for others. Do you live in fear, worry, and regret? Or, are you looking for opportunities and feeling generally optimistic? 


The second step to an authentic and powerful purpose-filled life is to hold yourself and others ACCOUNTABLE. As you grow, it’s easy to want to return to what was “normal.” You’ve got to keep on and keep in. Accountability to yourself is really a new training for your subconscious mind. 


A third thing to keep in mind is to be someone who is gracious and generous and lives in GRATITUDE. That’s a key component to this Magic! Formula. Make a list of at least ten things you’re grateful for each morning and each evening. Keep that thought alive during the day and your day goes more smoothly!


Have great, grand, wonderful visions for your future. Demand that of yourself. Let those visions serve to INSPIRE yourself and others. Talk about what matters to you. Acknowledge what matters to others. Engage. That’s how you serve to inspire. 


And finally, just be clear. Get great CLARITY around who you are, what your values are, what your vision for your future is. Being clear and specific is the best way to grow that for yourself and others. The greater your clarity, the more likely you are to attain your goals.  


Mindset + Accountability + Gratitude + Inspiration + Clarity… That’s MAGIC!


= Wayne = 


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