Leadership Leverage: Your New Superpower

wednesdays with wayne Dec 19, 2018

You’ve GOT to be looking to the year ahead right now, right?
Over this past week I’ve heard people talking about just making it through to the end of the year.  

You, a leader, are designing the end of your year.  You’re leveraging the time you have to make your difference now AND in the future.  

The turning of a calendar page really is THAT significant.  While it doesn’t have to be, what it represents is closure. And it represents starting anew.  


Leverage That


Here’s the point:  You can give ANYTHING extra significance.  

Deadlines and end-goals add significance.  That’s their purpose, by the way. Leverage them for yourself, for your team, and for your personal relationships.

Whether you produce one unit more of whatever it is you do or you do one more squat or take one more step or clean up one more thing or eat one less bite to get to whatever goal you’re after… Awesome!


For your team, it means meeting goals.

That means that FIRST, you have to set those goals.

It means you have to plan for those goals.

There has to be a deadline for those goals (like a calendar page turning).

And you have to keep those goals – and the ultimate reason why those goals are important – in front of your team.


Now, do that for yourself.


Now do that for your relationships.

Really – whom have you not reached out to that is on your “we really must” list?

PLAN it.

Put it on your calendar.  Otherwise the “life got in the way” stuff will continue to do so.  


Your leverage comes ad you become mindful of the need to change the calendar.   As the Year-End push looms ever larger, we are given the pressure we need to actually do that one more thing.  


Get your year-end stuff done, then deliberately slow down and take a step back.

Get your resolutions ready for the New Year (Oh, I’ll talk about those in the next Wednesdays With Wayne.)  


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See you here next week as we close out 2018!

Keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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