Leadership Lessons from Gratitude, Fear, and Anxiety

wednesdays with wayne Jun 01, 2022

I get to do this. 


Who gets to?


I get to.


Do I have to?




We all have things we’ve stepped into doing that we’re not sure we are capable of. The project is too big. The prospect of failure looms large. And the judgment and self-doubt creep in. 


You wake up and the first thought you have is, what do I have to do today?


It’s almost like you’ll be “caught” by someone for not doing the things that you put onto your own calendar. I have to do this, and that, and then this, and then that…


If you’ve ever tried to manage a family and do your work, you’ll get this. Kids can’t do for themselves yet, so you have to help them.


The project you agreed to won’t get done on its own, so you have to attend to it.


That’s where fear and anxiety creep in.

Did you keep track of all of the details? 

Are you good enough?

Are you smart enough?

Do you have enough of what it takes to get through?


First, YES. Yes, you do. And yes. Yes you are!

You’re a good human doing what it takes to hold your life and the lives of others together.


Second, you’re smart enough and you’ve proven you have what it takes by getting yourself here.


So, pause.


And recognize that you have A LOT to be grateful for.


I get to go through this.

I get to enjoy the outcome of this.


Like running a marathon, there is a finish line, even if you can’t see it yet.

You’ve been in training. And whatever seems super hard right now only serves as the foundation for where you’re heading.


When I was training for running half-marathons, I used to wonder why I was giving up my weekends to go out for four, five, six, nine, and fifteen miles. My body was getting stronger. And though it was a tough time, I knew there were results I was after. I didn’t have to be the fastest in the marathon. The race was only a symbolic reflection of who I was to myself.


And I became grateful.


In my history of decades past, I’ve had divorce and bankruptcy. I’ve never really talked about either of those publicly. There was a lot of shame associated with them. And what I’ve come to realize is that each of those hard times was a blessing.


The leadership lessons from going through fear and anxiety and expressing gratitude are huge.


I’m grateful for the insights and perspective I gained.

I’m grateful for the new foundation I got to lay. 

And I’m grateful for the direction I’m heading as a result of what I learned along the way.


Those are the messages to bring to your team during hard times.

Those are the messages to remind yourself about.


Look at what you get to do!


Celebrate the process. This is your life and if it’s hard at times, and you’re in a place to reflect on what you might be learning, you’re positioning yourself for being in a better space overall.


Why did I run fifteen miles in training for a 13.1 mile half-marathon? 

Why do baseball players put weights on their bats in warm up?


Yep, it makes doing the thing, whatever it is, go a whole lot more smoothly.


You’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

Share it and show it. Encourage it in others too.


Keep making your magic!

See you here next time!


= W = 

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