Landing the Blame

wednesdays with wayne May 06, 2020

Really fast – this isn’t political, it’s personal.

  1. I believe that each of us is a leader.  If you’re being watched by anyone, you’re influencing them in some way.  That makes you a leader.  Own it.  
  2. As a good human, you can help another.
  3. We, as humans, wait for others to step in before stepping in to help.  It’s called “diffusion of responsibility” and we assume that if a situation is bad enough, someone (that’s someone else) will step in.
  4. As an accountable individual, you and I each hold the responsibility and blame for not stepping in to help when we know we could have.
  5. People fear being ostracized – cut out of the tribe – more than they fear most anything else.  We want to belong.
  6.  Good humans sometimes don’t ask for help because they fear being judged for doing so.  You and I each have a responsibility to reach out when we need some support.


Leadership Lessons:

  • Step in first to offer help
  • Risk opening up to ask for help


Doing both of those drains the blame, increases ownership, and builds trust in those around you.  Practice that now more than ever.

See you here next week.

~ Dr P ~


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