Keeping The Dream Alive

wednesdays with wayne May 29, 2024

Look at you go!

And go.

     And go.

          And go.


Where are you going? Just checking!


When I ask people how they’re doing, I’m genuinely curious. And when they respond, “livin’ the dream,” I’m sad for them. Really. That phrase means that they’ve gotten caught themselves on a hamster wheel and see no way out. It’s a phrase of concession, of giving up.


How’re you doing?

Oh, I’m just living the dream here.


Doesn’t reading that make you feel like the air in your tires was let out just a little? 


Our job – yours and mine as powerful humans – is to become the beacon that reminds people who they are and who they can be. It’s a job of rehumanizing and it’s humanity focused. 


That requires you to be super clear about your dream, your goals, your wishes for yourself. And at work, what are the initiatives you’re working on? How clear are you about your desired outcomes?


What are the steps, at least the next steps, for you?

What are the true deliverables? What are the dependencies along the way?


How will you choose to lead – your life, your teammates, and your family and friends?


Take a couple of hours, yes seriously, a couple of hours. 

Write down – keep it messy, because life doesn’t come in columns – all of the things you’d like to have in your life. From health and wealth to travel and relationships. Think about the vibe you want to be living.


From my vision, I describe the vibe of my business and my life as a cross of warm towels, fluffed and coming out of the dryer, mixed with bold coffee. The vibe I live is one of cozy comfort with an intensity that can’t be missed. 


Every day, I check my activities against my goal list. Am I moving closer to or further from my goal with what I’ve put on my calendar? (I’ve gotten pretty good at this, but it took some practice.) I invite you to engage in the same practice. 

Get clear about what you want in your life.

Look at your calendar and your credit card statements. Do those align with what you said you wanted in your life?


Take your best next step toward what you want and who you need to become to have it.


Keep making your magic.


See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

I will have to “close the doors” soon on my offer to have you join a small group of us for three days in Portugal in October. It’s a great place to get the clarity you want for the life you dream about. Reach out for more info.


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