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It ALWAYS Comes Back To This

wednesdays with wayne Apr 25, 2018

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My friend and his wife that I quoted a few blogs back are smart people.  And I LOVE how smart people put what they know into action. Sometimes you get stuck thinking about a situation or a person in a certain way.  Maybe you can’t see a solution or maybe you’re feeling judged, or even judgmental.

Here’s this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne where you’re reminded about good ol’ Mental Floss!  Yep. Sometimes the “stuck-ness” continues because you aren’t seeking a new perspective.

Mental floss is about clearing out what’s happening between your ears.  Let go of old thinking and search for new possibilities. It doesn’t mean that you need to excuse the “bad” behavior of another person.  It might mean that you capture a new perspective.

For example, some people are content to create chaos in other people’s lives.  That’s where they thrive, in fact. They’ll come into a room, drop a stink bomb, and sit back exclaiming that the room sure does smell bad, essentially demanding that others fix it.  

This shows up as gossiping or rumor-starting.  It often shows up as competition when there wasn’t any.  The thing is, if the spotlight isn’t on the pot-stirrer, they’re not happy.  

That’s AN example of where you might want to use “mental floss.”  Clear out the old thinking that you have to fix something and find compassion for the impairment that the other person has.

If you look at the narcissist as impaired vs. someone that needs to be managed, you’re going to be better off.

And for YOUR stuck-ness, with a project or just feeling like there’s no out… it’s all about the mindset shift.  

Let’s say you’re anticipating having to solve a huge problem.  Or you’re just stuck in the midst of that huge problem. Do You BELIEVE that you can win?

Of course you do!  You’re one of my readers.  So remember that. That’s the mental floss – that you remind yourself that you have the capacity to get through.  

Whether you’re dealing with a problem or a “problem person,” you just need to remind yourself that

  1. Not every problem IS a problem (so it doesn’t need to be “solved”)
  2. Every situation has multiple perspectives (how would your favorite TV character come at it?)
  3. YOU have the capacity to get through this

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Until next time… Keep Making Your Magic™

~ Dr P ~


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