Is It Really “Good Riddance?”

wednesdays with wayne Jan 01, 2020

Is it just me or does anyone else feel slightly sad that people look at the past year and bid it good riddance!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that they’re happy to have that year done and behind them.

As you read this, I’ll poke you a little bit here.  I mean, again, my aim is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.

Are you one of those who is so glad to see the door close on this last year so that you can start this one anew?  

I’ll admit that the turning of this calendar page is a little different for me personally this time.  There’s a lot I’m looking forward to in this coming year and decade because there’s a lot I’m looking forward to creating and producing for myself and others.

I’m not happy that the year has come to a close.  I’m not sad about it either.  

It’s a thing.  I got out of the year what I put into it.  And I know that over the past year, I’ve laid the groundwork for the years ahead.  

You have too.  So if you’re so glad to see the door close on last year, think about the seeds you sewed in that past year.  What will grow for you this year or decade?

Too many people look to the future with hope for what it will bring.  And this is where resolutions fail. Or, shall I say, this is where people fail their resolutions.  

Oh, I’m all for hope.  You MUST have hope. And yet, if that’s the foundation upon which you’re building your future, you will be sadly disappointed and you will look forward to closing the door on another year.

In The Significance Factor, I note that some people tiptoe through life hoping to make it safely to the end.  You’ve got too much to offer and too much left to do to tiptoe safely to your death.

Well, I’m optimistic about the future and what it holds.  Not because I’m hoping that something magical will happen (and I am), but rather my optimism is founded in the steps I have taken that have gotten me here.  And I’m not done taking new steps that will get me “there.” Because – this goes for each of us – what got you here won’t get you there.  

What got you here will keep you here unless you choose a different course of action.

YOU get to choose whom you need to become to attain all that you want to have, be, or do.

So I’m not happy to see last year come to a close.  I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the opportunities that entered my path and I’m grateful to have been able to learn, grow, and create anew.  

And, I’m grateful for what lies ahead.  It’s not a hope-filled path based on empty wishes.  Rather, I’m excited about the opportunities that are opening because of the steps I’ve taken.

Reflect a little on last year.  What steps did you take to get you here?

Project a little for this coming year.  What steps do you need to take to become the person you want or need to be to have or do the things that will bring you that bit more freedom and joy?

This decade is yours depending on what you bring to it.  It’s not about what it holds for you, but rather, what you choose to show up with.  You wouldn’t come to any party empty handed, would you? So… what are you bringing to this one?  A new outlook? A new resolve or commitment?

You’ve got this!  Let’s go! Together we can crush 2020 and beyond.

Let me know what you’re working on and how I can help you. 

Two quick things for you before I sign off:

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Crush your year.  Let’s do this together!


Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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