Intentional or Committed?

wednesdays with wayne Mar 08, 2017

The themes that come up in my work with my clients across the country inspire me to share this with you as a Wednesdays With Wayne post.  It feels a little more personal when the themes my clients wrestle with are the same ones that seem to crop up for me.  If there are that many indicators of a direction, I’d better pay attention.

And that leads me to the concepts to consider this week. We have wishes and desires.  We have intentions.  And we have the things we do.  

Life is AWESOME when those align.

Last week I asked you to explore what was important and to really define for yourself what is important right now vs. what is important and can still wait.  When you have wishes and desires you choose to DO something about them.  You can choose to simply wish.  Or you can choose to move toward attaining your wish.  

You create an intention.  And then, you take action.

When you create an intention, you move that wish to a planned set of action steps.

When you take action, you demonstrate commitment.

And that’s what you get to play with this week.  What are you hoping or wishing would be so?  Do you want a new car, a special food, some music, or those great shoes?  Do you want to be healthier or a different weight?  Do you want your relationship(s) to get better?

Step One – define clearly what you want (wish)

Step Two – decide how you want to go about getting what you want.  

Set Your Intention by creating a plan of action (along with the psychological mindset that goes along with that EPO – Envisioned Positive Outcome).

Step Three – Take action… any action that moves you closer.  The more decisive, consistent action you take that moves you closer to your goal, the more committed you show yourself to be.  And to whom are you proving your commitment?  Simply to yourself.

It could be your wish to lose weight.

It could be your intention shows up by buying that gym membership.

Your commitment is demonstrated by actually GOING to the gym.  

Success is about Follow-Through.  

I am intentional in my day, every day.  I remind myself what my intentions are throughout the day.  And in so doing, I am prompted to take action, to truly commit to the intentions that I set for myself.

Let me know how you’re doing on this.  I love it when my readers leave responses to let me know what you’re working on and how it’s showing up for you.  As always, when you decide to take your life to that next level, go get an application/survey.  When you send it my way, I know you’re serious about stepping in and stepping up.  You’ve got this.  It’s your life.  2017 is YOUR year.  Get intentional about your wishes.  Invest time, energy, and even money in yourself to get to that next level.  And then, show your commitment  and follow-through.

So, DynamicLeader® - keep making your magic!

~ Dr Wayne Pernell ~


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