I See You, Human!

wednesdays with wayne Sep 20, 2017

So powerful are these words and this sentiment:  I see you, Human.  




Who are we in the world if not to recognize another?  In your role(s) as leader, parent, friend, or dishwasher, isn’t it important to humanize the people in your world?  At a restaurant, it’s a human that takes your order and brings you food.  In a professional setting, both patients and practitioners are human.

Acknowledging the human experience is just SO important.

About 20 years ago, I started writing my first book.  The working title was A Worthy Struggle because I recognized how each of us has something that is uniquely ours.  We might have similar struggles.  We are unique in our perception and interpretation of them.  And, my point was that the struggle we engage in, as a human, is so worth it.  It really is A Worthy Struggle.  That book evolved because I found myself focusing on the pain.  I changed the writing a bit and created Choosing Your Power, a book that continues to do quite well out there and help people around the world.  Yes, I’m proud of that book and my work that went into creating it.  The message really is:  I see you, human. I value you, human.  And I can help you get even better… non-judgmentally.

And we get better, just because we connect.

You’ve got today, tonight, tomorrow, and the tomorrows that follow to see someone.  Really SEE them, HEAR them, and (without getting creepy, just keep this figurative and not literal), to FEEL them.  Once you do, you can lift them.  And that is who we are to each other.  We witness the other’s life in an expression of humanity.  

And with that, I’ll say that I value you.  I appreciate you.  I can’t see you right now, but I can feel you.  And you see me.  Today is the one-year anniversary of Wednesdays With Wayne.  If you’ve missed any (duh, of course you have) go back and look through ‘em.  You’ll find something that sparks you, I’m sure!  

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Let’s keep this going.  We’ve been doing this a year and I’m not done yet!

Until next time… Keep Making Your Magic™, human!!!

~ Dr P ~


I see you human.

I value you, human.

I can help you get even better… non-judgmentally.


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