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How To Easily Clear Negative Thoughts In One Step!

wednesdays with wayne Apr 12, 2017

Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!  Those thoughts.  Even DynamicLeaders and High Performers have those thoughts that creep in.  They give you the “gift” of self-doubt.  They tell you to think again and they remind you that you’re not good enough.

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I call B.S. on that!  And you can too!

There’s a quick “pattern interrupt” you can use for yourself.

It’s fast and it works like MAGIC!  

Try this now and see how you feel –

Lean back, take a breath, look up, and say (or think really loudly) Reset – Reset!!!

Really, it’s three steps all wrapped into one action:  Lean back, take a breath (and blow it out) while saying “Reset!  Reset!”  If you wanted to, you could toss in “I’m A DynamicLeader®” after saying Reset.  It makes for a powerful statement.

Here’s the thing:  You’ve been looking downward at your screen to read this.  Looking up, breathing, and giving your conscious AND subconscious a command quickly and easily clears the way for new thoughts. This is how to deal with those cringe-worthy negative-based thoughts that sneak in and try to hold you down… hit your own Reset Button by clearing them out.  

What if I’m not good enough?  

Say, “RESET!” and then ask, “What if I am??!!”

What if people judge me?

Well, you can be assured that they will.  Instead of shying away from that, decide to RESET your thoughts about what judgment means and tell yourself, RESET!  What people think about me is only their business.  It doesn’t affect me.”

Oh, I shouldn’t have done that.

Turn that statement into Reset! Reset!  I did what I did and I’ll do something different now that I have more information.”

There is such tremendous value in interrupting the pattern that goes along with what you know as negative thinking.  You can so easily turn it around.  Really, just reset your thinking and feelings. Rather than shutting down, you need to open up space to welcome something more positive.  And you can.  Whenever you find yourself even beginning to entertain thoughts that aren’t getting you closer to your goals, pause and Reset!

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Thanks for being here!  You’re making the world a better place by being here.

Stay curious and keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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