How Do I Know?

wednesdays with wayne Apr 26, 2017

How Do I Know?

Depending on where you put the emphasis, that could be read as HOW do I know?
Or perhaps, How DO I Know?
Or maybe, How do I Know?
Or is it, How do I KNOW?

For the sake of this Wednesdays With Wayne, we’ll go with the latter:
How do I KNOW?

People ask me all the time, how do I KNOW if…
…if it’s right to hire, fire, invest, go forward with this project or that project or…?  The list goes on.  

Here’s the answer –

  1. Do some research – making as informed a decision as possible is important without delaying deciding because there will always be more information to be had.  Get some information.  Then…
  2. Trust your gut – your instincts are probably good.  And finally…
  3. Course correct as needed.

Honestly, you may never KNOW for certain if the choice you made is the right one.  You can only know the results.  When you connect the dots, you’re looking backward to see what was.  When you look forward, you might not be seeing all the dots.  And, with that said, what you can do is make a decision and move forward.  

In Choosing Your Power, I talk about a fortune cookie I got with a fortune that read, “Decisions Terminate Panic.”  And that they do!  Once you decide on something, you open up a whole world of new decisions to be made.

And the cycle starts over.

The good news is that decision-making is an art.  As with any skill that becomes art, it takes practice.  

So here’s your action step – as a DynamicLeader to-be…  

Today:  Practice making snap decisions!  

  • What do I wear today?  Poof!  Decision made.
  • What do I want for lunch?  Poof!  Decision made.

Any decision you have to make, practice making it instantly. At the end of the day, see how you feel. Surprisingly, every single time I’ve asked my clients to do that exercise, they all report back that they feel pretty invigorated and relaxed at the same time.  In short, they feel really, really good.  And so will you.

So try that today and circle back to me.  Leave a note here and let me know how it went for you.  

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Oh, and stay tuned!

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And, at the end of July, I’ll be doing a great three-hour training on some material I’m fine-tuning right now.  I’m really enjoying putting it together and I’m certain that you’re going to love it.

If you have friends or family or work colleagues who would appreciate my writing, please pass this along to them.

Thanks for being here!

Rock your week and keep making your magic!
~ Dr P ~


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