wednesdays with wayne Nov 07, 2018

My dad’s car flipped last week.  He’s 96. He went to the hospital.  He’s out of the hospital. And, he’s doing okay.

This kind of image gets you thinking.  You think about connection to others. You think about the fragility of life.  You think about resilience. You think about circumstances and who else was (or wasn’t) involved.

This picture of my dad’s car stirs something deeper and it had me going through a range of emotions… a really wide range of emotions!  Think of one, I probably felt it.  

And so, this Wednesdays With Wayne is for me.  AND… it’s for you.

As I cleared through the array of “feels,” I landed on one.  Sure, there’s synchronicity in that this month is November and (at least in the U.S.) we tend to focus on Thanksgiving.  

The emotion that continues to resonate through me is that of gratitude.

Yes, I’m grateful.
I’m grateful for my connection with my family.
I’m grateful for my connection with my friends.
I’m grateful for the connection I have with you, dear reader!

Have you ever thought about the resilience that we humans have?  We bounce back from adversity. Your life hasn’t been a flat line.  Nor has it been one steady downward slide. Far from it. You’ve had your ups, your downs, and your ups once more!  

We bounce back and learn.

We have the ability to affect others.
We have the responsibility to do so, as well.
And with that responsibility comes the focus and direction we take.

So this quick Wednesdays With Wayne is about your INTENTION.  

Successful leaders live in a space of gratitude.  They know they didn’t get there by themselves. They acknowledge the work they’ve done, the support they’ve had, and the rewards for all of it.  

Intention means you’re in the moment, not taking anything for granted.  

A car flips upside-down because a series of events set that in motion.  In the moment, there’s no right or wrong. There’s just the moment. In one moment, one thing existed.  In the next, everything changed.

Be in the moment.  This moment. Take it all in.

And reflect a bit.  Focus your attention and your intention.  In this moment, for what or for whom might you give just that bit more thanks?

In my recent leadership breakthrough retreat (see, I had my attendees do a quick exercise.  You can get your journal and do this now, too.  It’s not really as easy as it might seem, but it sure is rewarding and I HIGHLY recommend you actually do this.  

Write down thirty things – yes 30 things – for which you are grateful.
Do that now.
Do it quickly.

Then look at the list.
Does it feel like enough?

You’ve got all month (and beyond) to make your list.

Things could flip upside down in an instant.  

Your world could be different tomorrow than it is today.  

For what or whom are you grateful?

Who needs to hear from you?

What else needs to go on your gratitude list?

Keep at that and your tomorrow is bound to be brighter!

And again, I’m grateful for you.  Thank you for being here.
If this post makes you think (or feel), please share it.  

Thank you.

Keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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