From Whining To Winning

wednesdays with wayne Jan 24, 2018

You’re still in the first month of the year.
So how did everything you’re working on get so harrrrrrdddddd???

There really is so much to do that trying to do it all is overwhelming.  It’s so hard that it makes you feel like you want to pack it all in, shut it all down, go back to bed, and hide under the covers.

How effective do you feel hiding out?  

Yes, rest is an important part of refueling.  That’s different than full-on retreat because you’re experiencing overwhelm.  You’re in the whining/hide-from-the-world place because you’re chasing too many projects all at once and… you don’t feel effective anymore.  

It… got… too… harrrrrrrddddddd…. (insert your own whining tone here)

Welcome To Your Wednesdays With Wayne

Perspective shift and tactical moves are needed here!  To move from whining to winning, you need to do a few things:

  1. Look at your projects
    1. Track the tasks accompanying the projects
    2. Any random to-do task is not a project; the to-do list needs to be relegated TO a project or drop off of your list
  2. Look at your calendar
    1. Create white space – just leave some pieces of your calendar blank.  If it’s already full, clear some (even a few 10-minute blocks for now)
    2. Block out select time as project time.  
  3. Work on ONE project at a time.
    1. You may schedule different projects.  Create a block of time.  Focus on only one project during each block.
    2. Review 3a again.  Do only ONE Project At A Time
  4. Fuel Correctly –
    1. Eating “Right”
      1. Are you grabbing carbs, sugar, or caffeine at about 2:30 every afternoon?  What could you be doing for yourself instead at about 1pm?  Your “crash” is predictable; head it off by fueling correctly!
    2. Hydrating
      1. Yes, drink water.  
        1. Have your glasses lined up.  
        2. Fill your water bottle.
        3. Set a timer to drink water.
    3. Sleep and Rest
      1. Are you getting 7 to 9 hours each night?  Set your schedule to do just that!
      2. Are you changing your visual focus during the day?
        1. Don’t get screen-bound.  Change up every hour.  Look out to the horizon.
      3. Close your eyes –
        1. Even two minutes of eye-closure during the day can make a huge difference.
          1. You might even find that your jaw relaxes
  5. Attend to Your Body
    1. Breathe –
      1. If you need to set reminder during the day, do that
      2. If you’re slouching, you’re not breathing fully – sit up straighter; Better still, stand!!!
    2. Stretch –
      1. Reach up, reach out, cross your arms in a great big self-hug!
      2. Squat – get your legs and hips involved in this
      3. Head and neck rolls – yep, roll it out!
  6. Environment –
    1. Does the lighting help you or cause you stress?
      1. Optimize it!
    2. Does the noise level (music on/off) help you or distract you?
    3. Air quality –
      1. if you’re indoors, get out for a breath!
      2. If there are allergens, get a filter

Got it?  You stop whining when you create the conditions for winning.
Own your schedule.
Own your body.
Own your environment.

This is your life.  Create it the way you want it or need it.

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Rock your week!

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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