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wednesdays with wayne Jan 11, 2017

From the fifth floor, my hotel room balcony looked over the 17th hole of a pretty difficult golf course.  The water hazard was big enough to allow boats their passage, though only waterfowl frequented this one.  

I’m not much of a golfer, but I do know a good stance and positive intent when I see it.  That all looks so different from distraction and hope.

And that’s the message for today’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  Thanks for being here.  From my perspective, several things helped the golfers get where they wanted to be.  As you read this, think about your daily life and how what I saw in these men and women could relate to your day.

The first thing I saw was intent.  They had a target, a singular goal, in mind.  They weren’t going to shoot for this hole or that hole or “maybe somewhere over there.”  They were deliberate.  In Choosing Your Power, I talked about having an EPO – Envisioned Positive Outcome.  

Because we’re still early in the New Year, this is still pertinent.  Knowing where you’re heading is essential.  Knowing how to get there is secondary.  For what outcome are you aiming?  Don’t wait until December 30th to look back and decide that you didn’t like this year.  Bring to it all that you’ve got!

The second thing is take your best shot.  I only saw a couple of timid golfers out there.  They… well…  they sucked actually.  Your stance has to be solid and you’ve got to be bold to get to your outcome.  Whether it’s a business deal or a health goal, be bold enough to drive for it.

The third thing is clearly tied to the second – that’s follow-through.  There were some golfers who, when they approached the ball, had a reasonable practice swing.  (Others didn’t and their outcomes were predictable.)  What surprised me was that clearly about half of the golfers out there didn’t follow-through on their swings after making contact with the ball.  

In your life, whether relationships, business dealings, health, finance, or spiritual connection, you’ve got to make a commitment and follow-through.  The people that I coach on a regular basis in my DynamicLeader® programs all have gained the ability to set a goal and then to follow-through.  

Finally,  golf – like life – is a mental game.  That hole is too far, this is too hard… all of those whining noises you make in your head when you don’t want to do something – or when you’re afraid you’ll fail – that’s all mental.  Aim, drive, follow through, and then, find your place and course-correct.  Then, do it all again.  Getting a hole in one is rare.  It happens, but it’s rare.  That means, you get to get close, account for obstacles and (wind) resistance, and correct for where you ended up as you boldly take your next shot.  Keep moving forward.  

In the martial arts, we said, “fall down seven times, get up eight.”  The same is true for anything we do.  Stay focused on your outcome.  Quiet your mind.  Know, deep down, that you’ll get there.  You Will Get There.  Having a slice that puts you into the rough doesn’t make you a bad person, it means that there’s something about your swing/form that needs correcting.  So stay curious (vs. judgmental) about what that is and then, let it go.

To Recap – the lessons are these:

  1. Know your outcome and be super intentional about getting there.
  2. Be bold.  You can’t get what you want by being timid.   Be bold and take your best shot.
  3. Follow-through!  You can push something or you can start something and allow momentum to make the process truly beautiful.   This one ties to the first two on the list.  You have to know where you’re headed and really take the shot, following through in order to get the results you want.
  4. Play the mental game by dissolving distractions, focusing on your outcome, and accounting for obstacles.  

You’ve got this!  2017 is going to be an amazing year because of what you’re bringing to it.  

Remember that perspective counts.  You know that even some of the best golfers out on that course had golf pros with them.  They had coaches with an outside perspective to help them get even better.  If you, in your game of life, would like some perspective and a framework for breaking through to some incredible new heights in your life (at home, at work, or in the world), then please reach out and ask me about the DynamicLeader® programs.  Having your own coach/advisor is how you get better and better.  This is your year!  Rock it!

To Your Significance!

All the best!!!


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