Fog Lights

wednesdays with wayne May 27, 2020

Have you ever been in a really bad fog bank?  It’s kind of surreal and a little scary.  

When it’s dark and foggy, uncertainty is amplified.

In the dark, we search for any hint of light.  Any small glimmer becomes a beacon for us.  If we have lights casting outward, we seek the edges of where the light casts.

When in the dark, we hit the high beams.  This gives us greater clarity.  We can see further.

When in the fog, we use the lower beams, and if we have them, we click on fog lights that illuminate the ground before us.  

High beams, like shouts of protest in the face of uncertainty, simply reflect back off of the fog and blind us further.  Regular beams, keeping steady, will get us through, but the fog lights illuminating the ground give us reassurance.

There is a ground.

We don’t have full clarity about the road ahead, but we know we’re not free falling.  There is a ground.  (In the martial art of Aikido, the saying is that the ground will support me because it is my friend.)  There IS a ground.

In one of my MasterMind Retreats, I asked this very, very tough question:  If you lost everything (and I hope this would never happen), if you lost your house, your family, your business, everything… who would you be?  

My 1:1 private clients are sharing with me that they are actually finding a new way to be in the world.  Yes, their businesses have suffered, but personally, they’ve found more of themselves.

Fog lights… illuminating the ground beneath you.  

The ground, supporting you as you get back up.

Who do you want to be?  You might not be able to see the road ahead, but you know that the fog will lift at some point.  Knowing you’ve made it through to here and that there are clear roads ahead can keep you going.  

Who do you want to be?

Where do you want to head?

This can be fun if you let it.

~ Dr P ~


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