Focus or Fear? Purpose or Panic?

wednesdays with wayne Mar 20, 2024

Here’s something that I shared this in my first book, Choosing Your Power: Many years ago, I found myself in deep overwhelm. I had a really hard time trying to juggle a job, grad school, and relationships. Though this was many years ago, what turned up for me was a simple statement that snapped me out of overwhelm-thinking.


My fortune said:

  Decisions Terminate Panic


I taped that to my computer monitor. It’s not something I had seen before, nor have I seen it since. It was the perfect three-word sentence to get me focused and I’ve relied on it a lot over the decades from when it first showed up for me. 


Here’s something to keep in mind. It’s an interesting concept: Most stress is caused by not making decisions when we need to. 


Re-read that line to yourself for a moment. 


If you think about any of the stress in your life in the past, you could have approached the situation differently by getting help, by doing something, or by changing how you did something. 


And that includes with whom you choose to engage, where you choose to go, even how you choose or decide to awaken each day. When I wake up, the first two words out of my mouth are Thank You. I’m alive, I’m awake, and I get to serve people who want to level up their lives. I know how to serve greatly in this area. And the people who choose to step in and commit to bettering their own life know that I have them. 


I choose each morning I choose to step into my purpose and that really does quash fear. Living in your purpose is magical. Decisions come more easily. Fog lifts more quickly. And opportunities become much more evident. 


I’m not perfect. There are times I burn. I sleep too little. I travel too much. I make decisions that drain me. When we get exhausted, it shatters our will power. 

Then I guide myself back with a question you can use for yourself: What do you need to do to rebound, refocus, and restart?


Sometimes the answer is to schedule a break. Sometimes the answer is to get some outside perspective and guidance. What works for you? What could work even better if you wanted to live even more deeply into your purpose?


Keep making your magic. 


= Wayne = 

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