Feeling Fed or Poisoned

wednesdays with wayne Aug 17, 2022

My clients are really smart. On our VIP 1:1 calls, sometimes they’ll prompt a response from me that I’ll want to share here. Other times, they’ll thoughtfully reflect and make simple comments that are beautifully profound.


When one of my wise clients offered this statement, I was floored. She was so soft in her reflection. It wasn’t a violent push back against how horrible this person or that person is. It was a reflection about how she had leveled up and realized that there are certain people in your life that can almost physically suck your life-force from you.  She said, 


“Sometimes the people you’re related to aren’t really good for you.”


Just like a meal, there are people in your life who are and are not good for you. We hear a lot about “toxic” family members or workplaces. And I think, personally, that term is overused. That said, by definition, toxic means poisonous. 


None of us would wade into a toxic pool and splash around deliberately. 

Most of us look at the clear blue-green waters of the Caribbean in travel pictures or on your phone if you’ve been.


That’s an analogy for you to use. Would you wade into a family gathering if you knew you’d come away being diminished for doing so? Would you stay in a workplace when you are not acknowledged and made to feel like your work is meaningless?


And yet, people do.


As with anything, no one else will take you away from the excuses you are giving for staying in that kind of mix. You have to decide, for you… What’s health? What’s not health?


Is it okay to give to someone even if you end up feeling worse when you do?

Good question. In a previous Wednesdays With Wayne blog, you were introduced to the idea of excellence vs. expense. 


Filter for excellence. 

THAT is the best way to help others around you to level-up, too.


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Keep making your magic and I’ll see you here next week.


= Wayne =


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