Fear Or Love

wednesdays with wayne Jul 10, 2019

You stand on a four-inch by four-inch post, laying on the ground.  It’s relatively easy to balance on. It’s almost as wide as your foot, so you feel supported.

We suspend that 4X4 post between two ladder rungs six feet above the ground.  
We put a $100 bill at the other end.  You feel a little shaky, but you convince yourself that you can walk across the post, from one ladder/support to the other and you’ll take that $100!

We elevate that post and extend it.  It’s now suspended between two buildings and you’re a dozen stories up.  You’re having second thoughts.

We light the other building on fire.
You wonder why anyone would walk that.
We remind you that there’s a $100 bill waiting for you.

Nah… you’re good.  No thanks.

We then tell you that your child is in that other building and that this 4X4 post is the only way in.  The building is on fire.

There’s still a $100 bill on the other end of the post.

You ignore the $100 bill.
You ignore the fire.
You’re across that post 12-stories high and in the building to rescue your child.

What changed?

The post was the same as it was when it was on the ground.

The risk was greater.

The reward was intensified.  It wasn’t a basic reward; it became necessary, a driving need.

LOVE conquers Fear.  That goes for every aspect of your life.  Do you love what you’re doing?  Do you love how you’re treating your body?  Do you love how you are building wealth? Do you love your community involvement – at whatever size community, local to global?  Do you love how you are engaging in your relationships?

Do you love how you are investing in your growth and development?


There are all kinds of reasons why something is too hard to do.   

What is easy enough under certain conditions becomes exceptionally  difficult under other conditions. And often it’s a matter of mindset.  

Can you love the outcome enough to look past the “logical” obstacles that others might see?


Look in the mirror… that person… can you – WILL YOU – invest time and energy to love that person, creating a better path for the future?

That person of now needs you to get past the obstacles of today.  

You’ve got this.

Keep Making Your Magic!

~ Dr P ~


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