Expensive Or Excellent

wednesdays with wayne Aug 10, 2022

Running a business means making lots of choices. Heck, running your life means making lots of choices, too. 


We all face choices in our lives. That’s the biggest blessing that we, as humans, encounter. Out in nature, fish just do what fish do, possums just do what possums do, and sunflowers do what sunflowers do. They have most optimal paths for survival, but they’re not making huge choices in terms of planning their lives.


At some point a few years back, I made a deliberate choice to LIVE INTO EXCELLENCE. That doesn’t mean I’m out buying myself a Lear Jet (nor will I have my picture taken with one). To me, actually, that’s NOT excellence. That’s simply excess and maybe a bit of ego. Again, not excellence.


What it does mean is that I filter out the not excellent. I make choices to enhance my life and my business. As a business owner, I’ve committed to things that I’ve then realized weren’t in my or my clients’ best interest (e.g. venues for events). There was a cost to choose differently. 


Was that expensive?


When I choose to invest in myself by engaging a mentor, buying new books, or choosing tech to keep my mind active and my business flowing, there’s a cost to that.


Is that expensive?


When you buy anything that will serve you in the long run, a few questions pop up:


What does it cost?

Do I need it?


The first question is important as long as you remember that the cost of something is just a number.


The second question is tricky and needs to be changed in your mind. That’s because the statement of “you don’t need that” often lingers as an echo from a parental figure.


The question to ask instead is, will this enhance my life now and in the future?

It’s how I choose everything from shoes to meals to automobiles.

It’s also how I choose to work with experts and mentors.


Is that expensive?

That’s relative, the question is… compared to what?


Is paying for insurance expensive? Compared to what…? Rebuilding your home or buying a new car? Or, might the peace of mind enhance your life over the long term.


Is learning something new from an expert expensive? Compared to what…? Not learning and taking ten to twenty years or more to acquire knowledge and support that you could leverage now?


Is choosing to back away from something less than and losing a deposit expensive? Compared to what…? Letting a program run and damaging my brand?


Do you need to run off and drape yourself in Cartier jewels? Again, there’s that “need” word. 

Is it for your ego or will it really enhance your life in some way now and in the future?


I bought luggage that I didn’t “need,” yet every time I use the pieces, I feel different about myself. I level up a bit. They’re in my office, actually, reminding me that there’s travel and then there’s excellence. I feel different. I work differently because I feel different.


Level up a bit. 

Invest in yourself in a way you haven’t. It doesn’t have to be the New Year to step into a New You way of being. Choose the filter of excellence. 


Look at your pantry.

Look at your closet.

And yes, look at your bank account. 


None of those is static. What can you do to leverage what you have and live into your next level of excellence?


Filter your own comments with: “It’s not expensive, it’s excellent.”


There are highs and lows to every life and every business. Run your life, and your business with excellence and those lows flatten out a bit. The valleys aren’t as deep because your decision making isn’t from lack. 


If you’re interested in learning more and diving deeper, investing in yourself, your growth, and your future, here’s a resource you need to check out!



See you here next week!

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 


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