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Expectations and Outcomes

wednesdays with wayne Apr 27, 2022

Here’s something that has come up over and over throughout the years and I don’t think I ever wrote it anywhere. It’s a way to keep yourself emotionally neutral when you’re dealing with family members or team members, managing up or down the line.


Here’s an especially great approach to use for yourself, too!!!


Focus on three things:


  1. What was the expectation or desired outcome?
  2. What was the actual outcome or result?
  3. What needs to happen next?


Counseling a team member or celebrating a win can use these steps!


Resetting goals for yourself can rely on these, as well!


“Hey (team member or family member or your name here), your job was to get (xyz thing) done in a particular way. That did/didn’t happen. In fact, what did happen was ________. What needs to happen next is (action steps or celebrations).”


Also, check in with what support might be desired to reach that goal.

And contract for an immediate and sustained behavior change in order to maintain the proper path toward that goal.  


You wanted to shed 10 pounds.

You gained two.

You’ll need to engage in mindful eating, active exercise, and pursue outside guidance for hormone and biome balances in order to get to my desired weight goal. (Psssst, I’m not offering any medical advice here. This is for example purposes only. Sad that I have to even say this in my blog, right?)


You were aiming to make ten sales.

You made ten calls but didn’t make any sales.

You need to commit to making the calls required to get to the outcome of the ten sales you agreed to.


You agreed to dream bigger!

You stepped into the unknown and chose to invest in yourself!

This is awesome, you could celebrate and keep your head in the game!!!


Stay curious!

Try this out.

And rock your day! See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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