Don’t Aim For Perfection

wednesdays with wayne Sep 26, 2018

The local antique store inspires this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  There, I found this lamp, it has beautiful crystal dangly things (I’m not the antique shopper, I just know what’s pretty to me).  My wife liked it. She and Ali, the shopkeeper, got into a discussion about the lamp.

Ali noted that it really was a beautiful lamp, she told us the year, and she remarked that it was in great shape, but that it had a few chips.  That got me thinking – it’s how old?  And it only has a few chips?

In my first book (yes, I’ve written five so far), Choosing Your Power, I address the flaws that we each have.  It is those flaws that make us perfect.  We are wonderfully unique, quirky individuals.  We annoy each other, we inspire each other. We are diverse.  It is the flaws in each of us that make us human.

The pursuit of perfection is a never-ending endeavor and I think it’s misguided.  Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for excellence. Be your best self. Every day, get a little better.

Pause to take inventory, right now.  

Allow yourself to recognize the perfection that you are.

As a work in progress, you are what I call Perfectly Flawed.  We all are just that. That lamp in the antique store didn’t have chips when it was made.  It was “perfect.” Now that it’s almost 100 years old, it has a few chips and you know what?  It is perfect.  

Don’t use your flaws as an excuse to sit back.  You’ve got work to do. How are you bettering yourself today?  What are you learning? How are you serving?

And remember to aim your focus outward not to judge others’ flaws, rather to acknowledge that they exist and it is that special something that they have that makes them, them.

I think we get into trouble when we chase perfection or judge others by our idea of what perfection is.  Did you ever look at a glorious sunset, see the orange hues highlight the clouds in the sky and whisper, “if only that were a little brighter right there on the edge…”?

Of course not.  It’s magnificent as it.  It’s glorious as is. And so are you, as is.

Like each sunrise and sunset, keep another version of you coming every… single… day!

Yep, that’s perfect!

Keep making your magic™!  

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~

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