Doing the Work Isn’t What You Think

wednesdays with wayne Jan 11, 2023

We’re told that if you want something, you’ll have to work for it.

We equate work with effort.

But sometimes “doing the work” is about building your awareness of yourself. It’s about uncovering the blind spots that have been your stumbling blocks and it’s about making that subconscious “stuff” become conscious so you can deal with it head on.


You can’t deal with it if you can’t see it. This process is amazing – if you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know that FOCUS is key. That said, there are obstacles to get beyond. 


Personal blind spots are woven throughout everything you do. The subconscious desire for psychological safety can keep you reliving the same “problems” over and over. 

It’s not like fighting with the shadows in the dark. It’s more like running into the same pothole in the road because you can’t see it to avoid it or, better still, to fill it in.


Doing the work to get what you want, to keep your focus, and to stay in the game day after day isn’t about effort, it’s about consciousness. It’s about awareness. And it’s about the choices that come from that awareness.


Easy, right? Not really, because by definition, a blind spot is something you do NOT have an awareness about for yourself. You can’t fix something that you can’t see. 


How do you find your blind spot?

Get a trusted advisor or coach. Work with a partner in your growth who can be supportive and direct. Journal. Get honest with yourself. Get more honest than you’ve ever been. Write about where you are stuck and examine your responsibility for that. Your life is your responsibility. 


You’ve got to uncover the thought patterns that play out as behavior that become 

the results you see in your life.


That’s the work. 

That’s how you’ll keep your focus.


Now you’re ready to take on the day, week, month, and year!


Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

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