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Divine Answers

wednesdays with wayne Mar 29, 2017

During my most recent MasterMind* group, a thought came up for me.  I wondered about abundance.  And I did some internal reflection on what was “enough.”  They’re not mutually exclusive, in fact, in a Venn diagram, they’re probably overlapping.  

*A MasterMind is a group of people who come from a variety of different backgrounds and businesses to work on core problems, either personal or universal.  The concept is that if I have an apple and you have an apple and we trade apples, we each still have an apple.  If I have an idea and you have an idea and we share ideas, we now have AT LEAST two ideas.  …at least!!!  (See below for how you can join an amazing mastermind with me!)

I guess the sweet spot is to really live in that space of truly having enough while feeling abundant.

Yet the questions gnawed at me and I know that every so often, I need a perspective reset.  It’s one thing to see others with very little getting by.  I even acknowledge the plight of those in third world countries.  And I’m writing this so that you will think about HOW you think of those “out there,” too.  

After contemplating the concepts of “enough” and “abundance,” and then working on some amazing business ideas, I went upstairs to my hotel room.  It was a Hilton property.  They treat their guests well.  I was paying around $200/night to stay.  My towels were fresh, my bed was made, and the water was almost instantly hot when accessed.

When the MasterMind concluded, I headed home.  It’s a long drive and it feels longer at night.  I at least wanted to get part way.  So I set out.  And I drove.  And drove.  And got tired.  And drove some more.

Then I stopped.  There were four motels from which to choose at the little off-highway stop called Buttonwillow.  One was full.  One had only smoking rooms available that “shouldn’t smell too bad because they use deodorizer.”  And the one I ended up at was called The Vagabond.

I needed to sleep.  I needed a bed and a shower in the morning.  And guess what!  That’s pretty much what I got.  A bed.  And a shower.  And thread-bare sheets.  And thin towels. 


The charges for the evening were to come to $46 when out of my mouth came the words, “Do you have a AAA rate?”  The roadside card allows for discounts for travelers.  And my room for the evening got knocked down to $38.  This was LESS THAN 20% of what I had paid the night before.  

Grace and gratitude swept over me.  I smiled at my first-world plight of not having a coffee maker in my room.  I had a hard bed with bad bedding in a sparse room.  It was great in an “in your face” kind of way.  

I had my answer.  Do I have enough?  What is abundance?

I really DO have enough and I’m very open to gaining greater abundance.  They’re not exclusive.

We can recognize the blessings we have (even when it’s not November and Thanksgiving time).  We can also be receptive to receiving more.

In Choosing Your Power, I talk about choice leading to freedom.  That’s really what we all want, isn’t it?  If you say you want more money, it’s really that you want the freedom of what you can afford to do with that money.  If you want more time, it’s really that you want to be able to do (or not-do) something in that time.  It’s all about Freedom.

So today, break out a pen.  Jot down a short list of the things for which you are grateful.  We have choices in our worlds.  You’re on a computer, tablet, or phone.  That’s how you’re reading this.  You have choices.  You have “enough.”  Now, open to more.

And then, as my dad would say… Do Good Stuff!


If you’re curious about how to build your business, have greater clarity and purpose, and break through to your next level of “more,” please reach out to me.  I’ve got a MasterMind group forming now!  Space is limited.  It’s a Year Long program with monthly calls and two meet-up sessions.  Curious?  Interested?  Reach out to me at [email protected]



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