Declare Your Intention!

wednesdays with wayne Jul 05, 2017

Have you ever felt just slightly “off,” just getting through your day, but distracted and not fully IN your day?  It happens to all of us even High Performance DynamicLeaders.  It happens to us less because of one simple habit that we practice regularly.  Welcome to this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne!

We declare our intention for the day.  We start with Mindset and that builds emotion (a strong feeling) before setting out into the day (action).  

To repeat that – you MUST start with Mindset to create the FEELING you want to have before you begin DOING anything!!!

Personally, I choose my mindset every morning.  After greeting the day with “Thank You” and starting with gratitude, I set my intention for the day.  It’s like a mini-Vision and it keeps me balanced and directed.

You could choose to be joyful, grateful, intentional, or bold!  You could choose just about anything, the thing is… you get to choose.

No one can tell you how to be or sway you into reacting in any particular way.  Instead, you’ll respond to everything life throws at you.  In doing so you actually create the greater reality of your day.  

In setting your intention, you create the greater reality of your day!

Imagine someone cuts you off on the freeway.  Your intention for the day was “Grace.”  You smile and bless them, wishing them well and hoping they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else.  

Or if your intention for the day was “humor,” you begin blowing kisses and making goofy faces at them (because they’re in front of you and have to see you in their rear-view mirror).  And what about other scenarios?  You find out the supermarket is sold out of your favorite thing.  Or, the lines to check out are ridiculously long.

How you respond is based on your intention for the day.  And that is truly magical!

So the question and challenge to you is this:  What is your intention for the day… today??

Let me know what you choose.

How will you remind yourself of your intention throughout the day?  (Hint: most phones have reminder alerts on them!)

Share your tips and tricks with others here and let us all know what you’ve set up for yourself and how that’s working during the day!

Keep making your magic! ™ and Stay Curious! ™


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And again, as you set your intention… Keep making your magic! ™ and Stay Curious! ™


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