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Deciphering Your Mindset

wednesdays with wayne Jan 27, 2021

We’re into the New Year, you’re staying on track (mostly), and you have a mix of enthusiasm and doubt as you move toward those goals. We’re dealing with a lot of “stuff” both in the U.S. and around the world. That pandemic thing is still here, though the future looks just a wee bit brighter.


So you think you’re optimistic. You think you have a positive mindset. And then, when that place of “stuck-ness” comes along, you forget about that positive mindset and wonder what the heck happened.


As your Breakthrough Success Coach, I’m here to nudge you a bit.

Beyond what you’ve read about the growth and fixed mindsets, beyond the locus of control research, there’s something very interesting at play.


Your mindset is driven by your core beliefs about the world. Those often operate at a subconscious level. That means, you might not even know what they are. 


I always laugh when I hear the question, “what is your limiting belief?”

Honestly, if people knew what it was, they’d be able to wrestle it to the ground and walk away from it.


Your mindset is this: Whatever you decide it is.



Your mindset is whatever you decide it is AND that you practice it to be consistently. 


This concept is from one of the chapters in my forthcoming book (look for some exciting news in 2021). Think about this. You’re not naturally afraid of spiders. You learned that from how your parents reacted when there was a spider in the house. You’re not naturally afraid of another ethnicity. You learned racism from watching others before you had language to put to it. You learned pretty much everything you think or do.


You learned it from somewhere and then, you reinforced that with your own behavior over time. People who are “just bad with money,” or “not really good in relationships,” or any story positive or not-so-positive, they’ve got a few things going on – 


  1. There’s an event you experienced
  2. That was emotional (good or bad)
  3. You gave that event meaning
  4. You associated the event with the emotion
  5. Stories developed to confirm your emotional response


Pretty much everything you do is based in either faith in a positive outcome or fear of loss of safety.


Have you ever had it explained that simply before?

Think about everything you do.


You cook a dinner, you have faith that it’ll work out OR you cook what you know because you’re afraid of making a mess out of the dinner (fear of loss of safety – it’s not safe to look bad, be wrong, etc.).


Cool, right?


So that Success Target you’re after this year… how’re you approaching it?


Give that some thought.


Reach out if I can help!


See you here next week.


~ Dr P ~

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