Choosing Worse

wednesdays with wayne Nov 03, 2021

Are we really in a contest to focus on bad news?

It sure seems like that. Doesn’t it?


There’s a hidden danger in doing so. (uh-oh, more bad news?)

No, this is to keep you aware. The bad news about the bad news is that you train your subconscious to focus on bigger, “badder,” worse bad news.


Did you hear about the floods?

Yeah, and the economy?

And the…


How much worse could it get?

It depends on how much drama you want to let into your life.


Floods? Yes, we had rain. 

Economy? Yes, it’s a reset given where we were. We’re seeing a new economy based on The Great Resignation culture we’ve become a part of.

What else? Shootings, racism, political gaming…?


What will you let into your psyche? When you focus on what could be worse, you’ll find the answer. In doing so, you put your limbic system into the “on alert” space.


What if… what if you chose to offer kind words, a smile, and maybe a donation to your favorite charity? What if you focused on lifting the people around you from family to coworkers to strangers?


What if you looked around and queried how much better you could make your life through a simple, single action.


When you lift others, that ripple spreads.




No, you don’t have to pretend like the other stuff isn’t happening. It’s not a “fiddle-dee-dee” kind of thing. It’s more a declaration about how much space you’ll allow that other stuff to take up as you work on fixing the things you can.


And that starts with one.

It starts with you!


I’m glad you’re here. 

(pssssttt… pass it on!)


= Wayne = 


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