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Change The Station

wednesdays with wayne Mar 15, 2023

I’d be driving along, thinking about something, and without realizing it, I would reach down and change the station on the receiver. 


I’d catch myself – I liked that song, why did I change the station?


On longer trips it’d happen again. And again. What was going on?


My subconscious was at work. I’d change the station when I couldn’t tolerate the thoughts I was having. All those “should haves,” the shame and guilt thoughts, the replaying of times I could have stood up for myself or someone else, but didn’t. I couldn’t tolerate it, so I’d change the station.


And now that I’m conscious of my subconscious processes, I lean into them. It’s rare now, but if I do find myself wanting to change the station, I’ll examine my thoughts. Do I need to sort something out? Do I need to make something right? Or do I need to let go of the past and recognize that the lesson is part of what makes me who I am today.


I change the station in my head now. 

There are a few processes to manage those thoughts:

  1. I’m grateful. Look at what I’ve learned from that situation. 
  2. I’m compassionate. That me of so many years ago didn’t have the tools or skills to take care of the situation that the me of today would. (This brings me back to gratitude about learning and growing from painful experiences.)
  3. I will say, out loud, Reset-Reset. It’s a way of interrupting the patters of “replay” and choosing to reset my focus on something more productive. From there, I usually go back to compassion and gratitude, of course.


If you’ve got thoughts that take you off course, lean in. Explore. And then give yourself some grace.


You’ve grown, even in the last couple of minutes. If you let new skills sink in, you’ve grown. 


Live with gratitude and compassion and interrupt thoughts that don’t serve you. Give yourself some grace. Lean in. Grow.  


Got it?


Yep! Keep making your magic. See you here next week.


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~


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